In the opening play of Macbeth, Macbeth demonstrates his emotions when the three witches told him his future. Macbeth was in disbelief and was shocked this is represented ‘Stay, you imperfect speakers, tell me more; I know I am thane of Glamis; But how of Cowder? the thane of Cawdor lives, A prosperous gentleman; and […]

The opening play of Macbeth, Macbeth is not presented as a flawed character. Macbeth was fearless and courageous in the bloody battles which he thought in. He was adored and admired by King Duncan and other people. Macbeth fellow compatriots described him as a hero because he stood out in the war and was unbeatable. On the […]

Dear Ms Samantha Taylor, I do not agree with Franzen’s overall ideas about teenagers and their reliance on social media; it’s not corrupting our future generations. However, I do believe teenagers are sometimes reliant on it. Yes, there is a danger of addiction but it is part of the modern society and needs to be worked […]

Both Hardi and Agard present conflict affecting feelings about a place. At the border and the flag presents the idea the war can affect an individual feeling their homes. This is demonstrating through a range of features in both poem with varying effect. The protagonist wants to go home and is relived that war is […]

The poem is about the chaotic scene that happened in America, twin towers got blown apart by terrorist, which was called 9/11. The poet is trying to let free however the poet is trapped, the poet is trying to signal people to rescue me but no one seems to see the poet. The use of […]

The Hawk roosting conflict is about a hawk described as a powerful creator, who has more authority than god. The use of metaphor makes the hawk seem dominant and dynamic. The word roosting meant that the hawk was relaxed meaning he did not fear no other creation. The poem demonstrate the hawk as powerful and […]

  At the border and Belfast confetti present how conflict can affect feelings about a place. The poet presents the idea of war which can affect feelings towards people. This is expresses through unnecessary features used in the poem. First of all the poem at the border, the poem expresses home as a missed wonderland. […]

The first stanza set the scene for Vaudevue’s death, when the first stanza says ‘Left by the ebbing tide of battle’ it display that Vaudevue was left behind in the battlefield. She also sat alone on a flat stone. The language used in the stanza was repetition when it quotes ‘ she is ‘  when […]

The Right Word the poet by Imtiaz Dharker born in Pakistan however brought up in Scotland- a British citizen. The poem is about language and identity how we see and judge other people by their appearance and how people may see and label themselves. The first stanza is about her witnessing a shadow and she […]

I was alone in a huge remote room with the window slightly opened and the chill breeze creating mysterious sounds, I saw a damp shadow of an odd like creature lurking in the corner. My only safe zone was my bed! I had a basic patterned white wallpaper but this time, the wallpaper was playing […]